The Question


Bernie awakened people to the fact that it must be us, the 99% who changes America by standing up not just a figurehead but a whole generation devoted to the principles of democratic socialism.

He was clear that we need to change from the ground up and even with Sanders in office it would still have been a challenge to make the changes we know must happen right now to save the future.

Our choices will become more violent and bloodier unless we mobilize now to elect and also stand up as representatives devoted to the cause. This is not just a revolution it is a rebellion against dependency of top down leadership and civic abandonment.

How many of us know the intricate politics of Game of Thrones but does anyone know what city council or state legislature voted on last week? That was Bernie’s message to me.

So I have to ask as I think we all should, if civil disobedience and civic engagement is now our only option to overturn the capitalist oligarchy that is about to fortress itself following this election.

Which dystopia do you think you can survive?

Clinton or Trump?

The Endorsement

From July 25th 2016 – Bernie once said in so many words, that if you ask for a slice you usually will get crumbs, that’s why you start by asking for the whole loaf.

Tonight I think we are being told we can only have half and if we want the rest we are going to have to work for it like we never have before.

With the Clinton nomination all but done I’m thinking our duty could become to be the watchers of a Hillary presidency if but to hold her accountable for taking that other half of the loaf.

We still need to elect Berniecrats into office or become them ourselves…Trump is only the figurehead of the larger issue of those who would vote for that brand of American exceptionalism being in the offices of power.

Tomorrow night may hold no surprises, or the greatest of all but to continue this fight for that whole loaf is what this moment is supposed to be about.